Four Walls Career And Technical Education Center​

Serving adults and family educational needs

Our Instructors​

All Four Walls Career & Technical Education Center teachers are dedicated to giving adult learners the necessary tools and instruction that will enhance their lives. 


  • OSHA-10
  • Flaggers
  • CPR
  • CFC Universal
  • Stationary Steam Engineer Licenses


The mission of the Four Walls Career and Technical Education Center is to provide unemployed and underemployed District of Columbia residents with basic literacy skills, employability skills, and career and technical education as a means of increasing self-sufficiency and improving quality of life.

Please be sure to register for the fall semester starting Monday, August 19th at 10am. New students please use the contact us form below. 

Registration Information

Program Enrollment Requirements

Entry Requirements:

Students must be at least 25 years old and provide the following documentation:

~District of Columbia ID

~Verification of residency

~Proof of Income

~Birth Certificate

~Social Security Card

~Qualifying eCASAS Competency Report (eCASAS assessment can be given by Four Walls CTEC)

      Minimum qualifying eCASAS scores (taken within 60 days):
       220 Reading Level B

       220 Math Level B

For the National External Diploma Program (NEDP) students must be:

At least 25 years of age and possess the following eCASAS level and score:

     Reading Level D 236

    Math Level C 230

Our Instructors

Identify strengths and address individual barriers to self-sufficiency among program participants through individual-centered methods, as evidenced by the completion of individualized assessments and the creation of individual Student Profiles.

Improve basic and workplace literacy skills as measured by participants' advancement of at least one skill/grade level on the CASAS Appraisal, Pre/Post-test, the attainment of a high school diploma or GED, documentation of the acquisition of SCANS Competencies for employment and advancement, or preparation/ entrance into a post-secondary education program.

Prepare participants for competitive employment in one of the region's high demand industries and business ownership, as evidenced by students' attainment of Microsoft Office skills (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and/ or Access), documented participation in professional development seminars, business courses, internships, employment placements and /or business start-up activities.

Four Walls NEDP Program maintains an ongoing collaboration with Ballou S.T.A.Y. High School to provide educational programming culminating in the award of a high school diploma. The collaboration ensures that students have access to services provided by one of the agencies that are not directly provided by the other.

The CTE program will seek out partnerships with local construction focused businesses and organizations such as Clark Construction, Jubilee Jobs, Keystone, V Smoot, and Shapiro & Duncan.